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How to sleep better with the perfect pillow

Sleep well in bedlinen from Piglet, shown in @thisismyhomestyle.

How to sleep better with the perfect pillow

From improved cognitive functions, to maintaining good heart health and helping with muscle repair – sleep works wonders! However, the advantages of achieving a restful night are more than just physical, as both the quality and quantity of sleep can affect our mental wellbeing. It’s essential for helping the brain to process memory, emotion and information. So it’s important to do everything you can to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep.

One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep is being supported by a pillow that’s right for you, and the first question to ask yourself when choosing your perfect pillow is: are you a front, side or back sleeper? Sleep expert Holly Housby from Sealy UK offers up her expert opinion on which pillow will suit you.

Front sleepers

If you sleep on your front, choose a soft pillow for cushioning and comfort. Consider a single soft pillow that’s not too thick, and that will mould gently to support the head and neck. 

Side sleepers

Look for a firmer pillow if you are a side sleeper. Or try using two pillows, depending on the breadth of your shoulders. This will help to keep the head supported and the spine aligned. We often recommend that broad-shouldered side sleepers try a combination of one soft, fairly flat pillow layered over a firmer pillow underneath.

Back sleepers

For those who sleep on their back, I suggest a medium-to-firm pillow that will comfortably cradle the neck and support the head. Try to avoid opting for soft pillows if you sleep on your back, as it simply won’t give the correct level of support. It will also increase the risk of waking with a bad neck or suffering from a poor night’s sleep.

Featured image: Sage green bedlinen from Piglet bring a soothing vibe to this beautiful bedroom belonging to @thisismyhomestyle.

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