Image of Metallics Collection kitchen by Ledbury Studio

How to clear the clutter in your kitchen

It’s a fact that clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally. Mess can be a particular problem in the kitchen – the heart of your home – but there are plenty of clever solutions to keep it at bay. Keep reading to discover our favourite tips to keeping it shipshape.

Tip 1

Forgo base cabinets for drawers. They’re easier to access and can be pulled all the way out to reveal everything stored inside. And, unlike cupboards, it is possible to organise drawers with accessories such as utensil trays and dividers to make them even more efficient. 

Tip 2

Fitting a corner base unit with a Le Mans storage system maximises space that would otherwise be unreachable. A Le Mans system (named for the famous racing track its shape resembles) comprises shelves that pull out fully, bringing the contents of the cupboard into the open. Another popular option is a rotating carousel unit. Similarly, this ensures that no part of the storage space in a corner unit is wasted.

Tip 3

Larder cupboards are another saviour of the small kitchen. Available in a range of heights, widths and depths, there is a solution for pretty much any sized kitchen. One of the big advantages of larders is that the internal layout can be tailored to what is being stored thanks to adjustable shelves and drawers. A pull-out larder is particularly useful. When opened, a wire rack of shelves slides out to reveal the complete contents of the larder.

Image of Ledbury Studio Housekeeper's Cupboard
Tip 4

A solid bank of wall units can sometimes make a small kitchen look and feel even smaller. Swapping out a couple of wall units for shelves is a smart way of opening up the kitchen. If your client doesn’t like the look of open storage, glass-panelled cabinet doors provide the benefits of a standard cabinet whilst maintaining the open design.

Tip 5

If you have the space, a breakfast cupboard provides a dedicated place to keep morning essentials such as the toaster, coffee machine and juicer. When breakfast is over, simply shut the doors!

Featured image: Ledbury Studio Metallics Collection kitchen in copper and black-stained oak with Bianco Macaubas Quartzite worktop. Second image: Ledbury Studio Housekeeper’s Cupboard.