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Top tips for taking care of your carpet

Image of Flynn Saxony Carpet in Amethyst from Carpetright

Top tips for taking care of your carpet

A stylish carpet will bring warmth to your home and, when looked after, can retain its quality for years. Jemma Dayman, carpet buyer at Carpetright, offers her expert advice on how to take care of your carpet.

Tip 1

Don’t automatically discount carpet if you have an allergy. They actually help trap airborne dust, stopping it from travelling around the room. On smoother floorcoverings the dust lays on top, so it is distributed around the room with every draught of air.

Tip 2

Vacuuming frequently, especially in areas that see a lot of footfall, will help prolong the life of your carpet and reduce build up of dirt and dust. These high-traffic areas – such as entrances, doorways and floor around a favourite chair – will collect bacteria much faster than spaces not used as often. Regular cleaning will stop dirt from spreading to the rest of the house. It will also extend the time between any professional cleanings.

Tip 3

All carpets will naturally develop a thin layer of airborne particles. As such, consider periodic professional cleans – perhaps once every two years – to ensure the dirt and oils don’t build to unhealthy levels.

Tip 4

For home cleaning, consider carefully the type of carpet you have and which vacuum most suits your flooring needs. An upright cleaner with an active beater bar, which will help loosen and lift soil, works well for cut-pile products. Loop piles are best maintained using a suction cleaner.

Tip 5

Deciding when to replace a carpet will depend on a number of factors including its quality, area laid, number of occupants and how well it was looked after. With these considerations, and particularly when allergens are an issue, it is likely you will need to update it every five to 10 years. 

Featured image: Flynn Saxony Carpet in Amethyst from Carpetright.

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