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6 steps to a clutter-free bathroom

Image of bathroom by @placefortyeight

6 steps to a clutter-free bathroom

A clutter-free bathroom helps to clear the mind. Cue storage, the key to maximising space (no matter how small) and making the bathroom a place you’ll want to spend time.

Step 1

You can’t beat a vanity unit in the bathroom. It provides plenty of useful storage, not to mention additional surface space for everyday essentials. If your bathroom is small, stick to a wall-hung vanity. By increasing the amount of floor space on show, you will make the bathroom look and feel bigger than it actually is. Also, look for a unit with a drawer that features compartmentalised storage to keep items organised.

Step 2

Boost storage by opting for a mirrored cabinet above your vanity unit. Always look for an illuminated design to ensure both sides of the face are evenly lit with no shadows. Inset the mirrored cabinet into the wall if you don’t want it to protrude over the basin. Contact a professional installer to find out whether your wall cavity will allow for this.

Step 3

In addition to a mirrored cabinet above the basin, you may have the necessary square inches to house a floor- or wall-mounted storage unit. If your bathroom is on the small side, shop around for a slimline model.

Step 4

Open shelves are an excellent alternative (or addition) to storage units and can be used to display everyday essentials, as well as objects of interest. The drawback to open storage is that it must be carefully styled and kept looking neat and tidy, so bear this in mind when considering this option.

Step 5

If you want a coordinated look or a way to maximise storage in a small bathroom, a popular option is fitted furniture. This can be made to fit the space available, so you don’t end up with awkward gaps at the edges that waste space and are traps for dirt and dust.

Image by @justinablakeney
Image: @justinablakeney
Step 6

Are you annoyed by the shampoos and conditioners cluttering up your shower? Where a false wall is built to hide shower workings, take advantage of the space to create a handy niche for toiletries. Create a point of interest by using different tiles to the rest of the enclosure or by illuminating the niche to highlight it.

Featured image: A vanity unit provides unbeatable storage, just like the one seen here in the bathroom of @placefortyeight; Second image: Be inspired by @justinablakeney and create a series of handy niches to keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

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