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5 simple ways to Feng Shui your home

Image showing bedroom with Feng Shui principles from @wunderblumen

5 simple ways to Feng Shui your home

Feng Shui expert Priya Sher reveals her dos and don’ts for using the principles of Feng Shui to achieve balance and harmony at home, and maximise potential for success in all areas of your life.

Step 1

Start at the front door, as this is where money and opportunities enter. Ensure it is in perfect condition; no squeaky hinges, stuck locks, or chipped paint. To further attract energy to your front door, light either side of the door and place a beautiful plant, such as a bay tree, by it.

Step 2

Don’t put bulky furniture by the living room door, as this blocks energy from entering the room. Position the main sofa with its back against a wall to provide protection and support. To activate wealth energy, place a plant in the corner of the room diagonally opposite the living room door.

Step 3

The dining table is an important consideration in Feng Shui as it provides a space where you can concentrate mindfully on what you are eating. Today, most people eat too fast and are on their phones, either scrolling through messages or answering calls. This takes away the joy and pleasure of eating, which should be a time for us to bond with our family whilst nourishing ourselves. To optimise the energy and invite in abundance and prosperity, position a mirror on the wall to reflect the dining table.

Step 4

To encourage restful sleep, decorate your bedroom in a light neutral or soft pastel colour. Also, focus on the energy of the space. Choose a bed with a headboard and position it against a solid wall for protection and support. Then place bedside tables either side – dress them with curvy lamps and lightly fragranced candles if you want to encourage romance.

Step 5

Keep electrical items to a minimum, the bedroom should be a space to charge our energy not our phones!

Featured image: To encourage a good night’s sleep, be inspired by the colours and textures of Daniela Schinke’s bedroom of @wunderblumen.

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