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3 cute ways to use colour blocking

Image showing colour blocking from @atnumbersixtyeight

3 cute ways to use colour blocking

Get creative with colour blocking (the art of pairing two or three bold colours together). The rules are pretty straightforward: just use the colours you love. Consider classic colour combinations for a subtler approach or throw out the rulebook and experiment with bold colours to command attention.

Draw the eye

Make a feature of your bed by painting a large block of colour behind it. Then, follow in the footsteps of @atnumbersixtyeight (featured image, above) and ‘frame’ the effect by painting the outer area in a darker hue. Feeling brave? Continue the colour block onto the ceiling to create a canopy effect. FrogTape is great for producing those sharp lines!

Play with shapes

Use colour blocking to draw attention to otherwise unremarkable features of your home. Take the wall behind your sink, for example. If you have a window view – bonus! But if, like many of us, you’re staring at an uninspiring blank wall, colour blocking is a brilliant way to brighten it up!

Image showing colour blocking from @oxfordone
Image: @oxfordone

If you want your paint effect to pop, make sure it isn’t upstaged! Lissi of @oxfordone (above) has painted the wall white, which allows a coral arch intersected with a minty green rectangle to be the centre of attention. Lissi has then anchored her handiwork with open shelving – aesthetically pleasing and practical too. If you want to throw some colourful shapes like Lissi, check out her blog:

Open and shut colour

Tired of playing it safe with plain white doors? Try sprucing them up with a splash of paint. If you don’t know what colour you want, buy a selection of tester pots to find your favourite shade.

Image showing colour blocking by @kasie_barton
Image: @kasie_barton

Be inspired by this candy-coloured door belonging to Kasie of @kasie_barton. It sets a playful tone that can’t fail to raise a smile and creates a striking transition into the next room. Design note: Kasie has set her punchy colour combination against a crisp white background to really make it pop!

Featured image: @atnumbersixtyeight puts the bed centre stage by painting a large block of colour behind and framing it with a contrasting shade.

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