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Why you should give dark walls a go

Image of dark walls in the bedroom of @bealach_uige_bothy

Why you should give dark walls a go

It’s often written that dark walls will make a room feel smaller, while lighter colours reflect more light and therefore open it up. This doesn’t mean you should dismiss dark shades altogether – there are actually no rules stating where you can and can’t use them. It’s all a matter of the look and feel you want to create in your own home. To inspire you, here’s three examples of how dark walls can be used to enhance key spaces.

Cosy bedrooms

The deliciously dark bedroom that is our featured image belongs to Joanna MacKinnon of @bealach_uige_bothy. It exudes an enveloping vibe that invites you to snuggle up and stay the night! Lighter-coloured linens help to balance out the dark walls, while gold accents add a layer of luxury.  Design note: a contrasting cream or white ceiling like the one seen here won’t diminish the cocooning effect of the dark walls.

Dramatic bathrooms

Dial up the drama of a dark colour scheme by using a single colour for your whole room (yep, the ceiling too). It’s a brave move but there’s a big pay off! With no point of difference between the walls and the ceiling, you’ll be less aware of where one stops and the other starts, which gives the illusion of height and loftiness. Here, a rich shade of black envelops this luxurious bathroom (below) belonging to Trev of @this_old_house_1827, creating a welcoming, cocooning vibe.

Inviting hallways

If you like the idea of dark paint but also feel cautious, why not try it out in a smaller space? Design note: don’t feel the need to go light just because a room is naturally dark. Play to its strength by using moody hues: they’ll strengthen its cosy character. Just one thought – if you’re using dark colours in a small space, it’s a good idea to factor in plenty of fabulous lighting. That way, the space won’t feel cave-like.

First impressions count, so make sure your entrance hall makes a good one. Kath of @kathstyleliving (below) has done exactly that: she’s worked a sophisticated take on monochrome, with dark walls providing the perfect foil for bright white photo frames. 

Featured image: @bealach_uige_bothy, perfectly demonstrates how stunning dark walls can be in the bedroom.

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