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Clever staircase makeovers for you to try

Image of a staircase by @kate_rose_morgan

Clever staircase makeovers for you to try

Step up your style by giving your wooden staircase a fresh new look. To inspire you, I’ve put together a selection of seven great examples that take the humble staircase to new heights. Which one is your favourite?

1. Go for maximum impact

Be brave with a blast of sunshine yellow in the style of Anki of @zilverblauw. If continuing the colour up your walls is a shade too far, stick with one element of Anki’s look and keep the yellow to just the stairs. Then, paint walls in a neutral hue to make your staircase really pop.

Image of staircase in yellow painted by @zilverblauw
Image: @zilverblauw
2. Work a stripped-back look

Ellie of @e.t.shown_home stripped off a questionable floral stair runner to reveal this fabulous wooden staircase, which she then brought up to date. You’ll have to ask Ellie how long it took, but it was well worth all her hard graft – the finished result is simply stunning. Steal Ellie’s style with risers painted in Downing Street Premium Blend v700 Wood & Metal by Valspar.

Image showing staircase by @e.t.shown_home
Image: @e.t.shown_home
3. Colour coordinate your stairs

Can you paint a rainbow like @athomewithashley can? The art on the walls corresponds with the stairs in rainbow order – a nice touch, don’t you think?

Image of staircase by @athomewithashley
Image: @athomewithashley
4. Graduate from dark to light

Oh, to have ombré stairs like Natalie Jacob of @arseniclace! Note how she has taken the colour pink from dark to light, which generally looks best. Steal Natalie’s style with paint from Benjamin Moore.

Image of a pink stairs in dark to light by @arseniclace
Image: @arseniclace
5. Go dotty

If you’re a fan of Dalmatian spots, you’ll love @kate_rose_morgan’s transformation of her run-of-the-mill staircase. Barking mad? I think it’s pretty cute! Steal Kate’s style with walls painted in Valspar and stair risers decorated in Dalmatian stickers from Bairn Designs from etsy.

Image of a staircase by @kate_rose_morgan
Image: @kate_rose_morgan
6. Paint a stair runner

It’s hard to believe an old blue carpet once lay here. Wesley Turner of @farmshenanigans decided these stairs needed a new look, and his first step was to paint them in a base-coat colour. Once this was dry, he created a runner design. Find a step-by-step guide to how he did it on his blog

Image of stairs with a new look by @farmshenanigans
Image: @farmshenanigans
7. Choose stick-on style

Don’t have the budget for a carpet runner or the time to paint it right now? When in doubt, turn to Anna Jacobs of @annalysejacobs for an answer! Cue removable stair risers made from self-adhesive wallpaper with a wood texture, which Anna’s painted in leftover blue paint. A great way to get the paint-on-wood look, don’t you think? No worries if you’re not a dab hand with a paintbrush – you’ll find plenty of stair stickers on Amazon and Etsy. Steal Anna’s style with  wood-effect self-adhesive wallpaper painted in Smalt by Little Greene.

Image of a staircase by @annalysejacobs
Image: @annalysejacobs

Featured image: Find out how to replicate @kate_rose_morgan’s Dalmatian-themed staircase in example number five (above).

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