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Top tools for the perfect paint job

Image of tools for painting by David Pisnoy

Top tools for the perfect paint job

Bored of looking at the same four walls? A nice lick of paint ought to do the trick, but what are the best tools for the job? We put this question to the experts at, who very kindly compiled the shopping list below. Design note: the best painting equipment depends on the finish required and the type of wall you’re painting. However generally speaking, the best tools for every situation include:

Edging paint brush

Not all paint brushes are created equally! If you want perfect edges and corners, purchasing a paintbrush exclusively for edging is a must. Cut at a slant, the angled bristles make it easier to create a straight line.


This is the traditional painting tool that’s been around for generations because it does the job so well. Particularly good for large expanses of wall, a roller helps you make rapid progress in a short space of time.

Minature roller

These smaller rollers can help with more compact wall spaces, as well as edging, where you would normally reach for a paint brush.

Long roller

If your walls are high, or you’re painting a ceiling, a long roller can help you reach those high places without balancing precariously on a chair. This is particularly helpful above stairs and landings where it can be dangerous to use a ladder.

Paint pads

These top tools can make painting effortless and leave your walls with a smooth finish. They do need more loading than a roller, but still a great addition to your painting equipment collection.

Masking tape

Have you always wanted to create a professional finish? Here’s the secret: masking tape is essential if you want straight, clean lines. Different widths are available for different jobs, also look out specialist painter’s tape that is even easier to remove than masking tape and leaves no residue.

Paint trays

Decanting the paint into a paint tray helps limit the mess created and it’s far cleaner and more efficient than dipping a brush directly into a paint tin. It also means you can buy bigger tins of paint, which is more cost effective for a larger job.

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Featured image: Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash.

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