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The best way to paint a wooden floor

Image of painted wooden floor by @renovating_cartrefle

The best way to paint a wooden floor

Today I’m focusing on painting a wooden floor – a fantastic solution if you want to inject a playful energy into a room. It is also a great solution if your floorboards aren’t in great condition and you don’t want to have the wood itself on display. Make sure you use a dedicated floor paint or a good-quality paint that’s suitable for woodwork. It’s important to check your choice of paint will stand up to heavy wear from foot traffic and resist spills and stains. Also, think about slip resistance, as you want your flooring to be safe for all to walk on. And for more top tips, keep reading!

Prep your space

Start by prepping the space. Firstly, this means removing any furniture (sorry to state the obvious!) and making sure your room is well ventilated. Then, use painter’s tape to seal any cupboards or wardrobe. This is necessary because the next step is sanding and dust has a habit of getting anywhere and everywhere!

Next step: sanding

Sand your wooden floor to remove any imperfections and to make sure the paint sticks. Follow this by running a vacuum cleaner round to remove as much of the dust as possible. And then, thoroughly mop the floor using warm, soapy water. At this point, stop to check the tin of your chosen paint to see if it requires a primer and do so if instructed.

Time to paint

When painting your floor, always start at the furthest point from the door. That way you won’t paint yourself into a corner. Remember, you may need more than one coat, so make sure you let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the second. DIY note: Dulux recommends waiting 48 hours from the time you finish painting to the point when you move your furniture back in. Some floor paints require sealing while others don’t so again, check the tin.

Insta inspo

Now we’ve got all the practical advice out of the way, it’s time to have some fun! Scroll down for a spot of inspiration from three fabulous Insta influencers.

1. Floor focus

Leanne Lim-Walker of @leannelimwalkerhome is all about beauty underfoot with these pretty pink floorboards painted in Frenchic Paint. For the most part, the rest of the space is white with glints of gold, which lets the floor steal the show.

Image of painted wooden floor by @leannelimwalkerhome
Image: @leannelimwalkerhome
2. Not black and white

To keep this backdrop of black and white looking cool rather than cold, @renovating_cartrefle has layered in lots of warming wood softened by inviting olive-green bedding. The finishing touch is plants – and lots of ’em – bringing the tranquillity of the great outdoors into the bedroom. The floor is painted in Versant Matt from Autentico.

Image of painted wooden floor by @renovating_cartrefle
Image: @renovating_cartrefle
3. Playful graphics

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this is certainly true for @alisonkandler_interiordesign, who’s injected lashings of fun into her home by adding a graphic edge to her floors.

Image of painted wooden floor by @alisonkandler_interiordesign
Image: @alisonkandler_interiordesign

Featured image: Matt black painted floorboards ground this bedroom by @renovating_cartrefle.

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