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Behind the brand: Lick

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Behind the brand: Lick

Have you heard about Lick? It’s a new home décor brand set to revolutionise the way we purchase paint, according to founders Lucas London and Sam Bradley. The Lick difference is that it offers a carefully curated palette of paint colours and wallpaper designs. All are available to buy from the comfort of your home and then have delivered direct to your door. The result is a stress-free shopping experience. I talked to Lucas and Sam to get an exclusive look behind this exciting new brand.

Image of Sam and Lucas
Image: Sam Bradley and Lucas London, founders of Lick
Q: What inspired you to launch Lick?

Lucas: The majority of paint purchases are made in local hardware stores and this, as we all know, can be a stressful experience! Sam and I wanted to make buying paint easier and less frustrating. So, we’ve taken it online with a palette of just 49 colours curated in collaboration with paint specialists.

Q: Why 49 colours?

Sam: We carried out extensive research and one of the key messages from consumers was that they were overwhelmed by the seemingly endless colour choices. We wanted to take the stress out of picking the perfect colour, which is why we decided to offer this simplified curated palette.

Q: What finishes are available?

Lucas: We offer eggshell and matt but, unlike other suppliers, not gloss. Traditionally, you’d choose a gloss paint for surfaces that need extra durability such as kitchen and bathroom walls or trims. However, as technology has developed, modern water-based matt paints now provide the high durability and washability of gloss.

Q: What’s the difference between matt and eggshell?

Sam: The difference is purely aesthetic: eggshell offers a slightly glossier finish to matt. Our matt and eggshell finishes are suitable for all surfaces.

Q: Lick has swapped sample pots for peel-and-stick patches. What are the benefits of these?

Lucas: Painting swatches on your wall from sample pots is messy. We found that a lot of people don’t decorate immediately, so they have to live with lots of patches of paint on their walls. Paint samples are also extremely expensive – you can pay up to £5 per colour. And very often there’s paint left over in the sample tin, so there’s lot of wastage.

Q: Where are your paints and wallpapers made?

Sam: All our paints and wallpapers are manufactured in the UK. We’re a new brand but our partners have been creating paints for decades, so we’re backed by history and most importantly, knowledge.

Q: What are the most common mistakes people make when decorating?

Lucas: During our research we found that one of the biggest mistakes people make is not preparing properly. We’re tackling this by publishing advice on our blog that shows you how to prepare your rooms. So, when it comes to decorating, you’ll have an easier time and a more enjoyable experience. 

Image of LickPaint
Image: Lick

About Lick: Take a look at Lick for more inspiration and advice, and to see for yourself its great range of paints and wallpapers.

Featured image: Painting a wall in Lick shade Green 08, a fresh neo green.

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