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Tile stickers for decorating on a budget

Image of floor stickers in the bathroom of @miss_rusticarrow

Tile stickers for decorating on a budget

I’m going to kickstart this blog with an admission: I was (until very recently) snobby about tile stickers. Yes, they’re a super-affordable way to cover up tiles you hate. Plus, they’re renter friendly because you can remove them without damage. But do they look any good? Take a look at how they’re working in these homes and then decide!

Create a warm welcome

Marieke of @whisperingbold had a problem that many of us can relate to: she hated her hallway tiles. Her solution? Floor tile stickers from MoonWallStickers. Design note: preparation is the key when it comes to stickers, so clean your existing surface thoroughly first to make sure they stick firmly.

Image of Tile stickers in a hall by @whisperingbold
Image: @whisperingbold
Freshen up floors

Pack some punch without blowing your budget in the style of Nikki of @miss_rusticarrow. The classic diamond pattern of her floor stickers makes a big statement in her small bathroom. If you want to steal Nikki’s style, find Salon floor sticker tiles at Quadrostyle.

Image of floor stickers in the bathroom of @miss_rusticarrow
Image: @miss_rusticarrow
Spruce up a bath surround

A bath surround isn’t the most inspiring feature of a bathroom, so why not jazz it up with tile stickers from Wall-Art? Take your cue from Edith of @dithshome: she’s used them to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary!

Image of tile stickers on a bath in @dithshome
Image: dithshome
Pep up a dated utility room

A small budget can go a long way when you’re revamping a utility room that’s in serious need of some TLC! Hayley Stuart of @iamhayleystuart proves my point with a Moroccan-style sticker design from Pixers for her worktops.

Image of worktops by @iamhayleystuart
Image: iamhayleystuart

Featured image: Tile stickers make an impact on the bathroom floor of Nikki of @miss_rusticarrow.

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