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5 easy DIY jobs you can do today

Image of the kitchen of @kasie_barton

5 easy DIY jobs you can do today

With many of us spending extra time at home, it’s now more obvious than ever that there are some DIY jobs that just need doing. If you’ve got a list that needs tackling – but you’ve been avoiding – you could obviously do with a bit of inspiration. Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Put up pictures

Putting up pictures is something that always falls to the bottom of a to-do list. But it’s worth doing because it adds instant personality to the room. Plus, it’s one of the pretty straightforward DIY jobs that requires very few tools. Alternatively, style shelves, ledges or a mantelpiece with your favourite works.

You may not have been blessed with a mantelpiece in your bathroom but that’s no reason not to display art like Beth of @imperfectinteriors has. Design note: bathrooms are generally humid, meaning that moisture can get trapped under the glass, so stick to inexpensive pieces that don’t have a huge amount of sentimental value. You can reduce humidity by opening windows and letting fresh air flow through.

Image of picture in bathroom of @imperfectinteriors DIY jobs
Image: @imperfectinteriors
2. Install shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is a brilliant way to show off pieces you’re proud of and to keep essentials close to hand. The beauty of shelves is that they slot in almost anywhere, regardless of how shallow or narrow the gap. Plus, they’re a cost-effective way of updating your kitchen. No space? No problem! Perhaps remove a couple of wall units and replace them with shelves. This can open up a room, making it feel bigger and brighter. Open shelving requires a certain amount of styling, so be sure you’re willing to do the work necessary.

In her kitchen, Maggie of @our_edwardian_home has jettisoned a traditional run of wall cabinets in favour of a floating shelf that showcases framed prints and keepsakes. Her scheme is a swoon-worthy blend of inky blue, marble and matt brass accents with a lick of soft pink. And plants are the perfect finishing touch, adding a pop of natural colour.

Image of a shelf in the kitchen of @ouredwardianhome DIY jobs
Image: our_edwardian_home

If you install more than one shelf, store everyday essentials within easy reach on lower shelves and keep upper shelves for items you use less regularly. Furthermore, before you commit to drilling holes in the wall, make sure you allow enough space between each shelf. How tall are the objects you plan to display on them?

Another great example of open shelving is this characterful kitchen belonging to Laura Cox of @lauracoxhome. Centre of attention are the beautifully styled shelves showcasing a rich mix of crockery, artwork and accessories.

Image showing the DIY jobs undertaken by @lauracoxhome
Image: @lauracoxhome
3. Maximise wall space

If your kitchen worktop is looking a little cluttered, consider wall mounting a magnetic knife strip or a rail to hang cooking essentials. That way you can keep them close to hand but out of the way. Simple DIY jobs like this that make everyday life easier are among the most satisfying to achieve.

4. Replace plastic plug sockets

Take a look around your home. Are white plastic sockets and switches taking the shine off your interior design? Why not replace them with something a tad more stylish? This could be the finishing touch that brings your scheme together. The added bonus is that you may not need to hire an electrician to get the job done. A word of warning though: if in doubt, always consult an expert.

The stylish kitchen of Amy from @at_home_at_170 perfectly demonstrates the difference upgrading the plug socket can make. It’s a cut above the rest, finished in a luxe gold finish that looks right at home with her dusky pink tiles and it sets the tone for the traditional-style tap.

Image of plug socket in @at_home_at_170 DIY jobs
Image: @at_home_at_170
5. Update uninspiring handles

Give a tired piece of furniture a new lease of life by swapping out standard issue handles for something with serious pulling power. This bedroom belonging to Sally of @konoc_at_home proves the point. An old Ikea dresser has been transformed with super-stylish leather drawer pulls from Sally’s accessories brand Konoc and a lick of green paint.

Image showing new handles in bedroom of @konoc_at_home
Image: @konoc_at_home

Featured image: This kitchen belonging to @kasie_barton is pretty in pink and practical too: the magnetic knife strip above the hob is super-easy to access during food prep.

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