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A quick guide to the bathroom tap

Image of a bathroom tap in the bathroom of @_homebirds_

A quick guide to the bathroom tap

Continuing our current series of blogs on affordable DIY updates, here we’re turning our attention to the bathroom tap. OK, it’s probably not the first thing you think about when updating your bathroom, but swapping out your old tap for something new can make a big difference.

You could call a plumber to fit your new tap, but if you like to dabble in DIY and have confidence in your skills, why not save a few quid? There are plenty of handy step-by-step guides online if you need help. Whatever you do, buy the best bathroom tap you can afford. A quality design will stand the test of time, which saves money in the long run.

Putting a new tap on your existing basin is a much easier job than replacing both, but this does mean that you need to replace the tap with the same type. This is simply because the new tap will need to fit into the same hole (or holes) from which you removed the old one. So, before you commit to a replacement, here’s some stylish examples to get you thinking.

Monobloc tap

If you want to free up surface space on your basin, a sleek monobloc tap comprising a single spout dispensing hot and cold water is a good solution. Some come with twin levers – as seen in Lucinda’s bathroom of @peacockfinds. But many feature a single lever to control water flow and temperature, such as the one in the design by Emma and Spiv of @_homebirds_.

Pillar tap

In keeping with her home’s Victorian roots, Natalie of @we_live_at_no.21 chose traditional-style pillar taps to complement her pedestal basin (both from Victorian Plumbing). Pillar taps come as a pair – one for cold water and another for hot. They’re either controlled by a lever, or in this case, a cross head.

Image of bathroom tap in @we_live_at_no21
Image: @we_live_at_no.21
Mixer tap

A matt black mixer tap adds a dash of drama to the white backdrop in this bathroom belonging to @crookedtreestudio. A mixer tap delivers a mixture of hot and cold water through a single spout (much like the monobloc tap). Unlike monobloc taps, however, mixers have separate water controls.

Image of basin in @crookedtreestudio
Image: @crookedtreestudio

Featured image: This bathroom created by Emma and Spiv of @_homebirds_ features a stylish single-lever tap.

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