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5 secrets to creating a relaxing bathroom

Image of a relaxing bathroom designed by Ripples

5 secrets to creating a relaxing bathroom

With never-ending Zoom meetings and children clinging to your ankles, a spa bathroom has never seemed so attractive. Here, four Ripples designers reveal their five secrets to creating a relaxing bathroom and perfect hiding place.

1. Open up the space

“Sometimes people assume they can’t move bathroom fixtures around,” Neil Curtis, Designer at Ripples, explains. “Ok, so you may have to keep a few things in place. But generally we find that there can be a lot of wiggle room in the layout that results in a much more effective use of the space.” For a more spa-like relaxing bathroom, opening the space up may be a simple case of choosing a frameless shower as opposed to a bulkier option. Wall-hung furniture and storage also keep the floor free of any objects, giving a seamless effect.

Image of a spa-like relaxing bathroom by Ripples
Image: Ripples Solihull used natural materials create a luxurious ensuite that is both sociable and intimate.
2. Get clever with lighting

With the magic of excellent bathroom lighting, any space can be transformed into a tranquil resting place. “In fact, lighting is the most essential aspect of a design, second only to the actual bathroom fixtures,” maintains Helen Jones, Senior Designer at Ripples. Lighting used to be an afterthought. But as homeowners are spending more of their budget on the bathroom, they are looking to create a space that has multiple functions so they can spend more time in it. There are so many ways to bring light into the bathroom, rather than just one large, blinding source. Everything from overhead task lighting and mood lighting to feature pendants. Senior Designer Ana Rezende adds, “We can create the ultimate dwelling space with a lighting plan. I love to add in a lowered ceiling so you can place lighting above it to create a diffused effect, perfect for relaxing!”

3. Choose neutral hues

Think of Chewton Glen, The Ned and Soho House – all these spa hotels have one thing in common: neutrals. If you want your bathroom to be a calm retreat, then opting for neutrals is the key when it comes to colour. “This doesn’t mean boring shades,” says Laura Popek, Designer at the Wokingham showroom. “Neutrals can mean earthy, woody tones, raw concrete textures or warming whites. It’s not all about one colour and texture, we can make it feel inviting and unique.”

Image of a relaxing bathroom designed by Ripples
Image: A refurbishment of a bathroom in a Victorian property by Ripples Senior Designer Ana Rezende.
4. Clear the clutter

They say ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ for a reason. There is no use in attempting to relax in a beautiful bathroom that has bottles resting on every surface and the kids’ bath toys floating around. Choose furniture that is flexible and made to suit your needs based on how you use the bathroom. And make sure everyone who uses the bathroom has the right amount of storage for their toiletries. From useful compartments to smooth, push-to-open drawers and doors, the right storage will help to generate a sense of calm rather than chaos.

5. Add finishing touches

If you’re looking to do an inexpensive update, accessories can help to create a relaxing bathroom. Not only will a set of new fluffy towels feel inviting but the addition of some practical, spa-inspired extras can set your bathroom apart.

About Ripples: Ripples has been designing the highest quality, bespoke bathrooms for both residential and commercial clients for over 30 years. It now has 14 showrooms across the UK.

Featured image: The clients were looking for a complete refurbishment on their Victorian property, however they wanted to keep the character of the property intact. Senior Designer at Ripples Ana Rezende approached this bathroom with the brief in mind, to create a comfortable, spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

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