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Nikki Tibbles: top tips for creating the perfect bouquet

Image of Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

Nikki Tibbles: top tips for creating the perfect bouquet

Nothing boosts a room like beautiful fresh flowers. Arranging them, however, is something that many people shy away from. Happily, Nikki Tibbles, the British florist behind Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart is on hand to offer her step-by-step guide to creating that perfect bouquet at home.

1. Feed the senses

When I’m designing a bouquet, I like to think about colour, texture, scent and scale. A bouquet should feed the senses but ultimately bring you joy every time you look at it. The most important thing is the quality of the flowers. It’s like anything – you get what you pay for (unless, of course, you are picking flowers from the garden or local woodland).

2. Follow the seasons

The second most important thing is to choose seasonal flowers. Seasonal is always key and often the best value for money. Choosing flowers out of season is, to me, like eating strawberries in December! It’s not right. You shouldn’t be displaying peonies outside of summer.

3. Set the rules

For me, when choosing flowers anything goes – there are no rules. I believe if you have beautiful flowers and a beautiful vase anything works. Don’t be afraid to mix colours. I like to mix pale lilacs next to vivid orange and hot pink. Throw a bit of vibrant green in there and you have a masterpiece! You could look to nature and how things grow together in your garden, local park or forest.

4. Find a vase

Always make sure you use a beautiful vase. One you love. A vase that has a beauty of its own is, to me, very important.

5. Water and trim

Once you’ve selected a vase, begin by filling it with clean cold water. It’s important to give your flowers a good drink. Use floral scissors to cut 2cm off each stem – at a right angle. This allows the flowers to hydrate effectively once placed in the water.

6. Criss cross

A good tip when arranging your bouquet is to criss cross and alternate any foliage you have in the vase first. Then do the same with your statement flowers like roses, hydrangeas or peonies. Finish by filling any gaps with smaller flowers such as scabious, clematis or sweet peas.

About Wild at Heart: Nikki Tibbles is the British florist behind Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart, one of the most celebrated luxury florists.

Featured image: Nikki Tibbins holds a bouquet featuring a mix of blousy lemon peonies, ruffled Vuvuzela roses, guelder rose, pale blue delphiniums, lilac clematis, etched salmon peonies and lilac scabious. Photography: Natasha Marshall.

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