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Tips for a spa-inspired bathroom you’ll love

Image of a spa-inspired bathroom by @these_spaces_between

Tips for a spa-inspired bathroom you’ll love

Unlike the rest of the home, the lockdown bathroom has enjoyed a change of pace. Previously, the whole family needed to be spruced by 8am, but without the ticking of time, the bathroom has morphed into a space of escape. Read on for ways you can transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired retreat.

Create more space

For a spa-like bathroom, consider opening up the space. This may be a simple case of choosing a frameless shower over a bulkier option. Wall-hanging furniture and storage will also help: they keep the floor free of objects, creating a seamless effect.

A semi-pedestal basin that leaves the floor clear helps create a feeling of space in this bathroom (below) by interior designer Fiona Parke of @johnstonparkeinteriors. Meanwhile, picking out the soft green from the striking floor tiles and repeating it on the wall takes the chill off the white wall tiles and sanitaryware.

Get organised

It’s difficult to create a relaxing vibe when there are bottles cluttering every surface. A mirrored cabinet above your basin is a practical way to add storage space and generate a sense of calm. You can keep everyday essentials within easy reach but not on show and include handy features such as shaver sockets, a de-mist pad (designed to prevent the mirror from fogging) and motion-sensor lighting.

Swap out a pedestal basin for a vanity unit (either freestanding or wall-mounted) for an easy way to create instant storage space. Look for a vanity that features compartmentalised storage – a savvy way to keep your bathroom organised and clutter free. I’d recommend drawers over cupboards as they pull out fully so it’s easier to find things.

If space is an issue in your bathroom, think tall! What a unit lacks in width it can make up for in height. Tall cabinets come freestanding or wall mounted; choose the latter if you need to save floor space. If you’re ripping out your bathroom and starting again, why not look at fitted bathroom furniture? It’s much like you’d find in a kitchen: the matching units can be installed to maximise every inch of space, creating a clean uncluttered look.

Molly of @almostmakesperfect keeps bathroom essentials close to hand with wall-mounted mirrored cabinets (above). What I particularly like about these designs is that there’s a shelf for showing off more decorative pieces while the basics are kept behind closed doors.

Added extras

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. They will put the finishing touch on a completed bathroom, but are also a great option for changing things up if you’re on a budget. For example, a new toothbrush holder and soap dispenser set, or a pile of fluffy new towels will make a big difference. And what creates a spa-like vibe better than a beautifully fragranced candle? Take inspiration from Hannah of @she_rocks_her_home (below). She offers a masterclass in relaxation with a warm bath, petals, candles and a good book!

Featured image: Proving that it’s how you dress them that matters, Bethany of @these_spaces_between has made ordinary wooden shelves more interesting thanks to a spot of styling.

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