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10 tips for how to take care of plants

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10 tips for how to take care of plants

Plants, like people, are all unique. Leaf Envy has compiled the best tried-and-tested plant hacks you can follow to help you create, build and grow the indoor jungle of your dreams.

1. Choose the right location

Some plants adore sunlight, while others love the shade. Have a think as to where your new baby is going to love living in your home, so they get the best possible chance of growing and thriving.

2. Take sunlight into account

Most plants love being next to the window but remember, windows can amplify the sun’s heat. Try and shade your indoor plants during the hotter days to stop them from dying due to leaf burn and dehydration.

3. Keep an eye on your plants

Leaf damage, bugs and other pollutants could cause a whole host of problems, not to mention kill your beautiful plant babies! Make sure you get up close and personal with their leaves and check them often.

4. Don’t move them around

Unlike people, plants aren’t huge fans of going on holiday. So, it’s best to keep them stationary in the same place so they can get used to their new environment and home.

5. Consider the seasons

Plants, like humans, adapt to the season. Make sure in winter time you cut back on watering. As they don’t grow as fast as in the summer, they won’t need as much energy for photosynthesis.

6. Don’t overwater

The biggest killer of plants is overwatering. It’s far easier to revive a plant that’s underwatered than overwatered. If you’re ever unsure, always remember less is more.

Image of plants from Leaf Envy
Image: Leaf Envy
7. Only water with water

Try to avoid emptying your cups of tea into you plant pots. While this might sound like something someone might do in an office, it’s essential to avoid it. This is particularly true if you have sugar, since little bugs love to feed on the stuff!

8. Feed your plants

Adding fertiliser can make the difference between an average-looking plant and a stunner that takes your breath away. Don’t be afraid to add a little sprinkle or a few drops during the spring and summer months.

9. Choose one you can care for

There’s plenty of choices out there when it comes to plants. Some require lots of attention and nurturing whereas other can mostly be left to their own devices. Consider your schedule and how much time you can spend on maintenance before choosing the newest member of your plant family.

10. Spruce them up

Everybody needs a little TLC from time to time, and your plants are no exception. Prune, deadhead, mist and wipe down your plants every now and then to keep them in the freshest condition. Also, give them a spin now and again, that way the leaves will get equal amounts of sunlight.

About Leaf Envy: Leaf Envy was born when founder Beth moved to Los Angeles having sold all her possessions. Tired of spending money on mindless ‘stuff’, Beth decided to decorate her empty apartment with things that truly made her happy: aka plants. Plenty of plant reading and buying experiences later, she decided to take the plunge and move back to London to launch Leaf Envy.

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