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5 creative ways to style plants in the bathroom

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5 creative ways to style plants in the bathroom

Cautious of incorporating plants into your bathroom design? Interiors InsideOut asked George Holland at Victorian Plumbing to reveal his five golden rules for making humidity-loving houseplants part of your bathroom scheme.

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1. Give your bathroom the edge

If your bathroom has any hidden ledges then use these to your advantage. Trailing plants such as ivy and heartleaf philodendron would look great here.

2. Inside your window frame

If you love the look of hanging planters, but would struggle to get hooks into your ceiling, why not try using hooks in your window frame? Not only will this give you some privacy, but it’s perfect for plants which need a bit more light.

3. Keep pots and accessories neutral

The focus should always be on the greenery of your plants. Bright plant pots could distract from the jungle-like effect, so choose planters in neutral shades instead.

Image of plants in a shower
4. Use a leaning ladder

If you’ve run out of surfaces for your potted houseplants, then a leaning ladder could solve your problem (and you don’t need to do any DIY!). Simply lean your ladder against the wall and invest in some ‘S’ shaped hooks and pots with holes in the rim for the perfect bathroom display.

5. Use upturned plant pots to add height

For a simple way to add interest to your bathroom plant corner, use a small upturned pot to elevate some of your plants. This will give the illusion of space and depth, rather than just a flat carpet of green. 

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Featured image: A little touch of greenery makes all the difference in this white-tiled shower.

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