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A quick guide to concrete worktops

Image of concrete worktops in the kitchen of @tinyandthehouse

A quick guide to concrete worktops

If you love the industrial look, you can’t go far wrong with concrete worktops. A heavy-duty solution that gets tougher as it ages, concrete comes in a large range of colours, so there’s no need to stick with the classic grey. Read on to find out four things you need to know about concrete worktops.

Image of concrete worktops created by Fluid Stone Studio
Image: concrete worktops by Fluid Stone Studio.
1. Be prepared to wait

Concrete worktops are usually poured in situ, so your kitchen may be out of action for a while. It’ll be worth the wait, though, as you can mould concrete into almost any shape. So, it is perfect if you want to create a seamless sink or splashback.

2. Take care

Never put a hot pot or pan directly on your concrete countertop – this could damage it. Don’t cut directly onto it either as you could scratch the surface.

3. Protect it

Concrete is porous so concrete worktops will stain easily. They must be sealed on installation and then every six to eight months after that. The good news is that they can be repaired if stained – contact a specialist for help.

4. Keep it clean

To clean your concrete countertops, use a standard dish detergent as you would most countertops. Don’t use anything too aggressive or bleach based.

Featured image: This concrete worktop and furry friend belong to designer Jacqueline Mercer (@tinyandthehouse).

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