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How to plan a garden room

Image of a garden room by @sasdavies

How to plan a garden room

Looking for a cost-effective and time-efficient way to add space and value to your home? Read on to find out why a garden room could be the answer.

Why should I invest in a garden room and what are the benefits?

Desperate for more living space? Options include extending your home or moving house but both are costly and disruptive. A third option is to create a garden room, which will take advantage of your outdoor space and create more flexibility inside. Not only can you use it in a variety of ways (such as a home office or a gym) but you can also easily adapt it as your needs change.

Do I buy my garden room off the peg or go bespoke?

Off-the-peg garden rooms are ideal if you can find a design that fits your space. Can’t find a size to suit? A bespoke design can be tailored to your tastes as well as the exact dimensions of your garden. Bear in mind that going bespoke is likely to be more expensive.

Do I need planning permission?

As long as your garden room meets certain guidelines, you won’t need planning permission for it. For example, it’ll need to be single storey and cover no more than 50% of the garden. It should also be positioned behind the front elevation of the house and it mustn’t be used for overnight accommodation or permanent living.

What do I need to know about building regulations?

The good news is that building regulations won’t normally apply if the floor of the garden room is less than 15 sq m and you’re not using it for sleeping in. Buildings between 15 and 30 sq m that are more than one metre from your boundary, made of non-combustible materials and – again – not used for sleeping in should also fall oustide building regulations approval. For more advice, check out Planning Portal.

When do garden rooms need to comply with building regulations?

Be aware that if you ever plan to sleep in it or use it as a guest bedroom, your garden room will need to comply with building regulations.

Image of a garden room by @moas_home
Image: @moas_home.

Featured image: This brilliant garden room has given owner Sara Davies (@sasdavies) a new place to relax.

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