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A Sinner in Mecca: A Gay Muslim's Hajj of Defiance by Parvez Sharma PDF

By Parvez Sharma

ISBN-10: 1541408470

ISBN-13: 9781541408470

ISBN-10: 1944648372

ISBN-13: 9781944648374

This is the Islam you’ve by no means been allowed to work out. Daringly mentioned from its frontlines and forbidden to so much of humanity for centuries. 

The Hajj pilgrimage is a trip each Muslim is commanded via God to head on once or more in an entire life in the event that they are capable and, like hundreds of thousands, Parvez Sharma believes his religious salvation lies at Islam’s floor 0, Mecca. yet not like the trips of his fellow Muslims, the implications of his personal may be deadly. 

In A Sinner in Mecca, writer and filmmaker Parvez chronicles his pilgrimage as a truly brazenly homosexual Muslim to Saudi Arabia, the place Islam’s center beats . . . and the place being real to himself is punishable through demise. Risking his lifestyles, Parvez embarks on a Jihad of the self—filming his event alongside the way in which. Already below fireplace for his documentary A Jihad for Love, which seems on the coexistence of Islam and homosexuality, he may definitely face savage punishment if exposed—from being thrown off a cliff to public beheading. 

Parvez’s odyssey is right away audacious, international, and noteworthy. He meets all people from extremists to explorers of the non secular sort and the area they open up is scary . . . but breathtaking. In Mecca, Parvez comes out to a pilgrim, who then asks him why he would wish to be a part of anything that wishes no a part of him. This publication is his resolution to this question and lots of more. Parvez presents an unflinching examine our troubling unfolding historical past, together with Hizbullah, ISIS, Trump, the race-wars, an embattled Europe, and extra. He deals genuine ideas, borne of his efforts to get his arms soiled to discover them. this can be a lived history—and its writer isn't any armchair theorist. 

Following the New York Times Critics' choose hit documentary of an analogous identify, A Sinner in Mecca unflinchingly showcases elements of the harmful ideology that governs today’s ISIS and what kind of it has in universal with Saudi Arabia’s sacred, but treacherous dogma, Wahhabi Islam.

A Sinner in Mecca is concurrently one man’s own odyssey in addition to a groundbreaking, provocative revelation of a clandestine international and its quickest becoming and such a lot contested religion.

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